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Semi-Professional Writer


Here we go again! Batch two of collected writings from Norfolk’s foremost producer of toilet books. Five years on from his first release, Ryan T. Pugh has learnt precisely nothing about what constitutes worthwhile subjects of discussion. In Semi-Professional Writer, he ruminates on topics as far-reaching as football stickers, Friends, yoga, self-help books and Sir Cliff Richard. And many, many more!

Containing over a third of brand new, unpublished material, Semi-Professional Writer is Ryan’s biggest book yet – and is still priced at a financially unviable £9.99!

Get your copy today. Or, rather, when it’s out.

How To Buy:

1. Directly from the author by emailing ryantpugh@outlook.com or messaging his Facebook page or Twitter account. All copies ordered directly will be signed and personalised by the author’s own loving hand

2. Buying from Amazon 

3. Hunting through the various independent bookstores of Norfolk. If they don’t have a copy, ask them why the devil not! 


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