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AMUSEMENTS – August 2013 (2nd Edition July 2015)

If you like the cut of my Norfolk jib, why not treat yourself (or ‘loved’ one) to an anthology of my first year’s worth of articles? It’s 270 pages of sheer comedic hell. It features updated and expanded versions of all of my pieces from Spring 2012 through to Summer 2013, as well as a wealth of Brand New and Exclusive material.

It’s called Amusements and this is what it looks like:

If you feel strangely attracted to the prospect of having your very own copy of Amusements, you can buy one via the following methods:

1. Clicking here to get a copy from Amazon (with free delivery)

2. Buying a signed, personalised copy (with a free and exclusive Amusements postcard tucked inside) by emailing me at ryan@ryantpugh.co.uk (postage costs may apply) or contacting me on Twitter

3. Or, by hunting for it in various independent Norfolk bookshops, which is equally thrilling

Amusements is a perfect bedside companion (in a non-sexy way). It is easy to dip in and out of and requires almost none of your cognitive skills, you can simply sit back and take it (again, in a non-sexy way). Recent studies discovered that reading Amusements makes train journeys feel approximately 65% shorter. It could even prove to be the ideal gift for that difficult to please grandmother (if she grew up in the 1990s and understands references to EYC and Hello Kitty advent calendars).

It is crammed with short, snappy and ultimately meaningless odes and rants on the following subjects: smelly people, Michael Jackson, Blind Date, failed diets, Instagram, flies, Saved By The Bell, online dating, Jim Corr, modern fiction, Xbox Live and pile cream. And many, many more.

No other book attacks these subjects with such gusto. At least, I sincerely hope not.

Seriously, what more could you want for under £10?

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